CSMB President Imogen Coe at the Canadian Science Policy Conference Tuesday November 17 8:30AM

Watch the session Roles & Responsibilities of Academic Science Societies in informing Policy: Lessons & Observations from Around the World – November 17th at 8:30 via zoom, as part of the Canadian Science Policy Conference which takes place virtually this year.

Take a look at the whole program here: https://sciencepolicyconference.ca/program-2020-2/

Panel description and participants

In contrast to other parts of the world, science societies in Canada have traditionally had limited interaction with policy makers. There are few examples of an intentional mission by science societies or even perhaps a perceived need among scientists to engage with politicians, decision makers or policy influencers with the exception of, perhaps, the Royal Society of Canada, which has, to some degree, tried to provide academic input to the federal government on specific issues. + + +

Congratulations to CSMB VP Dr. Imogen Coe on receiving a Science Ambassador Award from Partners In Research Canada

Imogen CoeCongratulations to our Vice-President, Dr. Imogen Coe, on receiving a Science Ambassador Award from Partners in Research Canada (PIR http://www.pirweb.org/en/). PIR is a registered Canadian charity founded in 1988 to help Canadians understand the significance, accomplishments and promise of biomedical research in advancing health and medicine. Since its genesis, PIR has broadened its scope to encompass all areas of academic and applied research as fields of discovery and study for Canadian students.

Science Ambassador Award – Dr. Imogen Coe – Ryerson University

With more than two decades as a research scientist and professor, Dr. Imogen R. Coe has been a dedicated science ambassador, narrowing the gap between academic science and the public’s scientific literacy, and expanding equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). An exceptional science communicator, Dr. Coe is a popular speaker in Canada and internationally, with more than 120 invited presentations, 80 of which were at public outreach events. She aims to cultivate a passion for science in Canadians from all walks of life, including children, students, adults, the general public and professional groups.

CBC and L’Actualité coverage of Tarik Möröy’s appearance before the House of Commons Health committee: Scientists concerned focus on COVID-19 disrupting regular health research funds

The CBC and the major magazine L’Actualité have both published articles quoting CSMB President Tarik Möröy, who appeared on a hearing on Canada’s response to COVID-19 at the House of Commons Standing committee on Health.

He told the House of Commons health committee last week that Canada is the only country that had a major national health research funding agency cancel its grants during the crisis.

He acknowledged that Canada was quick to mobilize funds for research related to COVID-19, but worries about the long-term impacts.

“We worry that this is at the expense of other health research that then will still be necessary after the pandemic is over,” Moroy told the committee.


Scientists concerned focus on COVID-19 disrupting regular health research funds – on CBC.ca

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