Photo: CSPC. Professor Imogen Coe (centre) received the CSPC 2022 Trailblazer Award – Policy for Science at the CSPC annual conference in November 2022. Pictured here with MP and Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister and to the President of the Treasury Board Greg Fergus (left) and CEO and President of CSPC Mehrdad Hariri (right).

CSMB Past President Imogen Coe wins national recognition for her impact through leadership in equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) advocacy in scientific research environments.

Congratulations to Dr. Imogen Coe, on winning the 2022 CSPC Policy for Science Trailblazer award!

Dr. Imogen Coe, Professor, Toronto Metropolitan University, was selected for her work on integrating the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) into the research ecosystem of STEM including into the policies and practices of funding agencies and government, and into the workplaces of commerce and industry where scientific knowledge may be generated or applied. Long before EDI became street-talk within government and academia, she recognized a problem endemic to science. She has had significant influence on where, when, and how EDI has been – and is being – integrated into policy developed by government, funding agencies, scholarly societies, post-secondary institutions, health-care entities, and commercial and not-for-profit enterprises. Imogen Coe has inspired a generation with her championship work on EDI.

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