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The CSMB works to build the next generation of researchers for academia, industry and the entrepreneurial enterprise.

Scientific Publication award

The Biochemistry and Cell Biology (BCB) Student Article award  carries a $1000 CDN prize that can be applied towards travel costs to the CSMB annual meeting, where the award will be presented, or another meeting of the recipient’s choice. Learn more about the Biochemistry and Cell Biology (BCB) Student Article award.

CSMB support for graduate student activities

Two deadlines/year: February 15 and September 15.

The CSMB will provide financial support to graduate student societies for a variety of activities related to biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology or genetics. Examples of supported activities include (but are not restricted to) the following:

Scientific Symposium Days, with invited scientists speaking on subjects in the areas of biochemistry, molecular biology or cell biology.

Student Research Conferences, where students display their research work as posters, or give oral presentations.

Career Fairs or Career Workshops in areas related to biochemistry, molecular biology or cell biology.

  • The society will support up to six events each year, to a maximum of $500 per event, on a competitive basis. Student organizations seeking financial support under this program should contact the society Secretary (see below).
  • The cover letter should provide:
    1. a short description of the planned event
    2. the amount of funding requested
    3. address the review criteria, and
    4. provide a letter from the Sponsor/Coordinator who is a Regular Member of the Society, working with the Student Organization.
  • Requests will be accepted twice each year (up to 3 possible awards for each competition), with deadlines of February 15 and September 15. Priority will be given to applications that fulfill the review criteria and were not funded in the previous year.
  • Applications should be sent by email to the Chair of the Conference committee
    Hans-Joachim Wieden, at the following address:

Review Criteria

  1. Does the conference/symposium engage a wider community or mostly local/departmental attendees?
  2. Level of student involvement in the organization?
  3. Potential to bring together trainees or who do not usually engage with each other? Potential for new connections?
  4. Potential to open new “horizons” for trainees (for example if it is a workshop or other conference that places more emphasis on the learning than the research presentations by trainees). Value in training students and postdocs?
  5. Scientific excellence?
  6. Equality, diversity, inclusivity e.g., is there gender balance in speakers?

Student and Post Doctoral Fellow Awards

Each year the CSMB offers several Research Student and Postdoctoral awards. Results are announced at our Annual Scientific Meeting, with consideration of poster and travel awards conducted at the conference. More here: Student and Post Doctoral Fellow Awards