Call for nominations – CSMB Board members and executives

The Canadian Society for Molecular Biosciences (CSMB) is requesting nominations for their Board of Councillors. The CSMB represents Canadian scientists and trainees working in the fields of Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Genetics and Molecular Biology. Board Councillors will be asked to participate in advancing the mission of the CSMB.

The current councillors of the CSMB are listed here:

Nominations are currently being solicited for:

  • 2 Councillors (2 year term, renewable),
  • Secretary (open term) and the
  • Vice President (2 year term as VP, followed by a 2 year term as President, followed by a 2 year term as Past President).

The CSMB and its activities are fully run by its board members. We are seeking individuals who want to actively participate in the mandate of the CSMB. Candidates must be current CSMB members.

To be considered, please submit a CV and a brief expression of interest outlining your qualities that define you as an appropriate candidate who wants to advance the society and work to improve the environment for researchers and trainees in Canada.

Please forward your nomination package to the Chair of the CSMB Nominating committee (
Nominations are due on or before April 15, 2022.

CSMB advocacy update


On Friday, June 25, the Canadian Society for Molecular Biosciences, in partnership with the Canadian Association for Neuroscience welcomed former Minister of Science and current Member of Parliament, Dr. Kirsty Duncan to an event on Science and Government 101. During the session, Dr. Duncan stressed the need for scientists and researchers to get involved, with a unified voice, in advocating to government on how scientific evidence matters. As said best by Dr. Duncan, “We can’t continue on two separate tracks… where science doesn’t know politics, and politics doesn’t know science”. Heeding her advice, the CSMB is planning for future engagement with government officials, especially in light of a potential Fall 2021 election.

Further details will follow once the timing of the election is clear, but we will be supporting Members with their election engagement through the preparation and sharing of template tweets and social media advice, one-page documents with election priorities, and support for Members looking to reach out to their local candidates.

In the meantime, if you were looking to engage with your local Member of Parliament over the summer and would like some support, please reach out to Kristina Proulx from Temple Scott Associates at and she will try her best to coordinate a meeting on your behalf.