CSMB Arthur Wynne Gold Medal

Next awarded in 2020

The Canadian Society for Molecular Biosciences (CSMB) Arthur Wynne Gold Medal is presented by the CSMB to an individual who has made a major contribution to molecular biosciences in Canada over their career. The Medal is named in honor of Professor Arthur M. Wynne, the first President of the Society, and was initiated in 2007 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of CSMB. The recipient is presented with a plaque depicting the likeness of Professor Wynne.

(1) Evaluation criteria

The recipient of this life-time achievement award typically (i) has attained an international profile in research, (ii) has played a major role in the development and promotion of the discipline in Canada, and (iii) has a long-standing record of service to the academic or broader community.

(2) Eligibility

The nominee need not be a member of the CSMB. Self-nominations will not be considered. The nominee must have lived in Canada and worked at a Canadian research institute for the last 15 years in a senior investigator position.

(3) Nomination process

The nominator should be at an equal or higher professional rank as the nominee. Chairs /Heads /Deans /Presidents are encouraged to nominate members of their faculty for this prestigious award. Nominations shall consist of a letter that summarizes the significance and impact of the nominee’s research, his or her role in promoting the discipline, and service to the academic community, as well as a summary of pertinent biographic data.  Examples of service to the academic community might be policy development, advocacy, science communication, academic leadership, strategic initiatives in support of the community or similar.

A copy of the nomination letter and nominee’s curriculum vitae must be submitted to the Secretary of the Society by October 31, 2019.

The awardee will be invited to attend the Annual Conference at the Society’s expense to receive the award and to make some remarks at the Banquet. She/he will also be invited to submit a manuscript summarizing her / his career for publication in Biochemistry and Cell Biology and the CSMB Bulletin.


Previous winner of this award
  Alan Bernstein
2010  Michel Chrétien
2012  Henry Friesen
2014  Janet Rossant
2016  Morag Park
2018  Mona Nemer
2018  Jim Woodgett