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Participate in the government of Canada consultations in advance of Budget 2019

The House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance (FINA) has released its report of pre-budget consultations held this Fall. The full report, titled Cultivating Competitiveness: helping Canadians succeed, is available here:


We invite you to read this document, as it is instructional on how to position science, research funding, universities and research institutes in the context of the objectives the government wants to reach in the next budget.  There is no specific section that focuses on science, but it is rather interwoven into innovation, education, healthcare, job creation, environment and climate change.  Science is integrated in all these areas, and scientists can advocate at all these levels – and work with the government to help them achieve common goals. + + +

#NextGenCanScience twitter campaign re-launch for Banting’s birthday – November 14

In Budget 2018 released earlier this year, the Canadian research community saw – and celebrated – a substantial increase to federal funding supporting basic science research. However, this increase was not extended to the number of studentships and fellowships supporting trainees.

In response, the Canadian Society for Molecular Biosciences is re-launching our Twitter campaign #NextGenCanScience in the hopes of increasing public awareness about the importance of government funding for studentships and fellowships from the Tri-Council Agencies: CIHR, NSERC, and SSHRC.

Frederick Banting, co-discoverer of Insulin and Nobel Laureate, holds universal regard as one of Canada’s greatest scientists; for this reason, awards at both levels carry his name (the CGS-D and Banting PDF Award). As we seek federal support for the next generation of Bantings, and recognition of present and future Canadian research excellence, we ask that you join us on Twitter on Frederick Banting’s Birthday (Wednesday November 14th, 2018).
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