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Advocating for research funding – Evidence for Democracy – CSMB collaboration

The CSMB is collaborating with Evidence for Democracy – E4D to ensure that all CSMB members have tools to help them understand the importance of science-informed policy making and to connect with their elected representatives.
E4D has prepared two very useful documents on how to connect with your representative (Connecting with Reps – Toolkit), and a specific brief for the 2019 elections (2019_Federal_Election_Brief).  We invite you to read both documents, and also to view a training webinar CSMB organized with E4D in September 2018 – below.
Stay connected to CSMB for more materials to come from E4D later in the summer relating to connecting directly with candidates.

Imogen Coe and the CSMB applaud the announcement of the Dimensions: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Canada charter

The CSMB applauds the announcement of the Dimensions: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Canada charter, which is an important step Canada is making towards fully realising its full research potential across all disciplines, by leveraging all its available talent. Its implementation by post-secondary institutions across the country will encourage the emergence of new ideas, perspectives and stories that will lead to new solutions and strengthen Canada’s research enterprise, including, but not limited to, science. The CSMB and its members look forward to continuing its collaboration and contribution to initiatives such as this one, which are in Canada’s best interest.

Dr. Imogen Coe, who is currently Vice-President of the CSMB, has been one of the strongest advocates for the charter and has been actively involved in supporting the development of the Dimensions Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Canada charter. She was present at the launch of the initiative, at the invitation of the Minister of Science and Sport, the honourable Kirsty Duncan. On the occasion of the launch, Dr. Coe wrote the following remarks to the CSMB Board of Directors. + + +