Science was not an Election 2019 issue – but it should be a priority for the next Government

By Tarik Möröy and Katalin Tóth — published in National Newswatch — Oct 25 2019 During Election 2019, the issue of poorly funded scientific research in Canada was not addressed by the major Parties and their leaders. Now, scientists across the country are concerned that they will not have the needed Federal support to make groundbreaking […]


Gairdner week: A Canadian celebration of science

In celebration of Gairdner week, CSMB, the Michael Smith Laboratories at UBC, and the Gairdner Foundation have collaborated to produce a series of documents celebrating the science of this year’s Gairdner Award winners.  These resources, aimed at middle/high school students and the general public, are designed to explain the breakthrough research behind each Gairdner Award […]


Imogen Coe, Farah Qaiser and more on rawtalk podcast #66: Investing in Tomorrow: Why Are You Voting Science?

Why are we voting science? Listen to Imogen Coe (CSMB VP), Farah Qaiser (at-large member of the CSMB trainee committee), Molly Shoichet, David Naylor & Amanda Veri give advice on how we can speak up for science in the upcoming federal election, on the rawtalk podcast. Click here to listen: https://www.rawtalkpodcast.com/episode/66


Science should be an election issue

Read an Op-Ed published this morning in LeDevoir newspaper, signed by CSMB President Tarik Moroy and the President of the Canadian Association for Neuroscience, Katalin Toth, explaining why science should be an election issue. Scientific research is important for all Canadians – it is how Canada can face the issues and challenges we face today. […]


Call for nominations – 2020 CSMB Awards

Nominations are now accepted for the 2020 CSMB Awards. Deadline for nominations is October 31st, 2019. CSP Senior Investigator Award The award recognizes exceptional Canadian scientists with a record of outstanding achievement in molecular biosciences research who have also demonstrated exceptional teaching, leadership and/or contributions to the broader community. More Arthur Wynne Gold Medal The […]


CSMB Secretary James Davie participates in an IUBMB meeting in Kuala Lumpur

James Davie attended a meeting of the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biochemistry (IUBMB), which took place August 19-22 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  He brought his knowledge of CSMB to meetings of the IUBMB executive committee in his capacity as IUBMB General Secretary. One of my IUBMB activities will be to link Trainee Committees […]

Member news - Student initiatives

Launch of Dimensions EDI pilot program

The CSMB applauds the launch by Minister Kristy Duncan and Bill Morneau of the Dimensions pilot program, in an event at Ryerson University today. The Dimensions pilot program is intended to publicly recognize post-secondary institutions seeking to increase equity, diversity and inclusion in their environments. The program objective is to foster transformational change within the […]


Launch of the #VoteScience Campaign

We invite everyone to join the #VoteScience campaign, which aims to make science an electoral issue in the upcoming Canadian federal elections. Visit the https://www.votescience.ca/ to see how you can make a difference today! Also view our recent post on Advocating for research funding – Evidence for Democracy – CSMB collaboration


2019 CSMB meeting poster and travel award winners

Congratulations to the 2019 CSMB meeting poster award winners


New opportunity to share your research through CSMB

The CSMB is happy to provide our member with opportunities to publicize their research results through our social media platforms (twitter, facebook, linkedin and instagram) Please send a post about your paper to papers@csmb-scbm.ca, using the following format (please replace content of brackets with your content):