Advocacy and Government Relations

Mandate:  The focus of the Advocacy and Government Relations Committee is to advance and promote molecular biosciences, with a focus on advocating for robust and sustainable funding for fundamental research in Canada.  While CSMB continues working with both our partners Research Canada and the Partnership Group for Science and Engineering, the committee is mandated to develop its own advocacy efforts to ensure that the concerns and solutions of CSMB members are heard on Parliament Hill.

Composition:  CSMB President (chair), Vice-President, Past-Presidents, 2 Councillors and 3 CSMB members at large.


  • Identify key concerns of members in regards to Federal Research Funding Issues and develop advocacy strategies to effectively convey issues and solutions to parliamentarians including, email campaigns, petitions, opinion pieces and meeting with members of parliament.
  • Submit Pre-budget Consultations to House of Commons.
  • Formally respond to the Budget and how it pertains to our members.
  • Submit recommendations to federal panels as they arise.
  • Build relationships with federal politicians
  • Communicate with media.
  • Establish social media presence to advance positions of CSMB.

Members of the Committee


Imogen Coe CSMB President

Imogen Coe

Ryerson University

Hans-Joachim Wieden CSMB Vice-President

Hans-Joachim Wieden

University of Manitoba

Tarik Moroy

Tarik Moroy

IRCM – Université de Montréal

Paola Marignani

Paola Marignani

Dalhousie University

Katey Rayner

Katey Rayner

University of Ottawa

Vincent Archambault

Vincent Archambault

Université de Montréal

Howard Lipshitz At-large member

Howard Lipshitz

University of Toronto

Elizabeth Rideout At-large member

Elizabeth Rideout

University of British Columbia