Nominations Committee

Mandate:  In collaboration with the board the Nominations Committee (NC) identifies vacancies. The committee solicits candidacies for membership on the board and proposes a suitable slate of candidates for vote at the AGM. The committee takes into considerations of equity (gender and minority representation) as well as regional representation into account for the choice of candidates.

Composition:  Past-President (chair), second past President, Vice president and two additional members from outside the board.


  • Yearly review of the CSMB board composition.
  • Solicits candidacies for membership on board through member emails, social media and direct engagement.
  • The NC proposes slate of candidates for vote at the AGM.
  • NC will work towards implementing an electronic voting system.

Members of the Committee 2018-2019

  • Phil Hieter*
  • Kirstin Baetz *
  • Imogen Coe

At large:

  • Bill Stanford (’19)
  • Fairn (‘20)
  • Rastegar (‘20)