Conference Committee

Mandate:  The mandate of the Conference Committee (CC) is to ensure the CSMB provides its members with high quality and affordable scientific meetings in areas of Genetics, Biochemistry and Cell Biology. The Conference Committee will actively participate in the selection of and organization of meetings to ensure meetings rotate in thematic scope and location to attract the largest number of our members.   In additions, the aim of meetings will be to  generate revenue to support CSMB advocacy efforts and trainee events/awards.

Composition:  three board members,  treasurer and two CSMB members-at-large.


  • In collaboration with the board, the CC will develop an annual meeting mandate that will include guidelines on theme and location selection and expenses.
  • The Conference Committee should select accessible locations (i.e., major airport access), rotating geographically across the country. Ideal locations are universities with guaranteed residence rooms.
  • CC is responsible for the selection of meeting themes through an open-application process that will take into consideration CSMB guidelines for meeting selection.
  • The CC will establish strong and positive working relationships with companies/organizations on the national level who sponsor the event.

Members of the committee



Walid Houry Committee chair

Walid Houry

University of Toronto

Jan Rainey

Jan Rainey

Dalhousie University

Michael Downey

Michael Downey

University of Ottawa

Vincent Archambault

Vincent Archambault

Université de Montréal

Martin Duennwald At-large member

Martin Duennwald

University of Western Ontario

Sanela Martic At-large member

Sanela Martic

Trent University

Sina Heravi Trainee representative

Sina Heravi

Memorial University