Membership and Diversity Committee

The CSMB Membership and Diversity committee promotes the advancement of molecular biosciences across Canada.  We are committed to promoting an open and transparent culture of equity, diversity and inclusivity and challenging systemic barriers to participation.

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility statement

The mandate of the CSMB is to advance and promote molecular biosciences in Canada. We are committed to equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility in the community of molecular biosciences. It is only by leveraging all of our human capital that we will reach our full potential. We believe that all members, visitors and event participants should be treated with dignity, respect and kindness. CSMB does not tolerate any form of discrimination (age, cultural background, ethnicity/race, gender identity/expression, national origin, disability, neurodiversity, political affiliation, parental role, religion, sexual orientation or socio-economic circumstance). CSMB is committed to proactively promoting a culture of equity, diversity and inclusivity through the work of our board members and committees by identifying and tackling barriers to participation.

The objectives of the Membership and Diversity Committee (MDC) are to (1) recruit new members through the development and implementation of membership drives, (2) engage the participation of existing members, and (3) ensure that the diversity of our membership is reflected in the diversity, inclusion and equity of the Board members and invited speakers at CSMB meetings .

Composition:  three board members and two CSMB members at large.


  • Development and implementation of recruitment drives through social media, scientific conferences and direct mailing to member institutions.
  • The MDC will promote the activities of the CSMB to the public and general membership.
  • The MDC will coordinate with the website maintainer to ensure members and potential members have timely and relevant information available.
  • MDC will ensure CSMB proactively promotes a culture of equity, diversity and inclusivity throughout its membership.

Members of the Committee


Mojgan Rastegar Committee chair:

Mojgan Rastegar

University of Manitoba

Michael Downey

Michael Downey

University of Ottawa

Katey Rayner

Katey Rayner

University of Ottawa

At-large member

Jyh-Yeuan (Eric) Lee

University of Ottawa

Sanela Martic At-large member

Sanela Martic

Trent University

Trainee representative