Trainee Committee

Mandate:  Purpose of the CSMB Trainee Subcommittee is to add value to the experience of trainee members of the CSMB by providing services and activities to benefit their careers.

Composition:  CSMB Trainee Representatives (1 PDF, 1 graduate), along with 3 ad hoc trainee members.


  • To act as a liaison between trainee members and the CSMB Board.
  • To provide information to trainee members that are relevant to advancing their careers;
  • To organize activities to improve the quality of trainee member experiences;
  • To audit any subcommittee-led activities and report back to the Board of Directors.

Current members of the committee


Matthew David Berg CSMB Board Trainee Representative

Matthew David Berg

Western University, PhD Candidate (June 2020)

Krysta Coyle CSMB Board Trainee Representative

Krysta Coyle

Simon Fraser University, Post-Doc (June 2020)

Priyanka Mishra

Priyanka Mishra

Simon Fraser University, Post-Doc

Karina Baksh

Karina Baksh

University of Toronto, PhD Student

Shawn Shortill

Rebecca Cabral-Davis


Farah Quaiser