Finance and Development

Mandate:  The Finance & Development Committee (FDC) advises the Board on the finances of the Society. The fiscal health of the Society is reviewed by the committee on an ongoing basis.

Composition:  Treasurer (chair), Secretary,  President and Vice-president


  • Working with the Society Secretariat and Executive, the committee is responsible for preparation of an annual budget that must be approved by the Board and presented at the Annual General Meeting of the Society.
  • The committee is also responsible for highlighting fiscally unsustainable policies of the Society and, working with the Society Executive, for proactively developing and recommending alternative strategies to ensure long-term fiscal viability.
  • Finally, the Finance & Development Committee reviews the annual Review of Engagement and the state of Society’s investments as managed by the Treasurer on a day-to-day basis.

Committee Members 2018-2019

Jan Rainey CSMB Treasurer and Committee chair:

Jan Rainey

Dalhousie University

CSMB Secretary

James Davie

University of Manitoba

Tarik Moroy CSMB President

Tarik Moroy

IRCM- Université de Montréal

Imogen Coe CSMB Vice-President

Imogen Coe

Ryerson University