Communications and Publications Committee


The mandate of the Publications Committee is to support our official journals, Biochemistry Cell Biology and Genome, and the CSMB Bulletin. The Publications Committee will work closely with Canadian Science Publishing to inform our members of changes in the publication industry. In addition, the Publication Committee supports the education of trainees in various aspects of scientific publishing.


Two councillors (one is Committee chair), Secretary, one trainee committee member, the Bulletin Editor, two CSMB members at large, consults from Canadian Science Publishing


  • In collaboration with the Editors-in-Chief of Biochemistry Cell Biology and Genome:
    • encourage members to submit articles, reviews, and special issues to these journals,
    • aid in recruitment of members to editorial board and promote the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion, and
    • encourage content from the CSMB Awardees.
  • To be informed as to changes in the publication (e.g., Open Science)
  • To establish opportunities for trainees to gain experience in scientific publishing.
  • To support the Bulletin Editor in collecting content for the Bulletin.
  • Communication of research via social media
  • Encourage cross promotionof BCB and Genome and CSMB activities
  • Encourage education for trainees and CSMB members

Current members

Paola Marignani (chair), Secretary, one Councillor, trainee committee member, Bulletin Editor, 2 CSMB members at large, consults from Canadian Science Publishing