CSMB trainees: Sign up to give a talk in the new CSMB virtual seminar series!

The CSMB is organizing a virtual monthly seminar series to promote the research of scientists and trainees across Canada and to provide networking opportunities. We are currently looking for trainees and PIs to give research talks starting in January 2023.

Each seminar will include a 10–15-minute talk from a CSMB trainee (graduate student or post-doc, followed by 5 minutes Q & A) highlighting their research and a 25–30-minute presentation from a PI (followed by 10 minutes Q & A). The speakers should be CSMB members. Non-CSMB members will be considered, but they must become CSMB members at the time of their scheduled talk.

If you are interested in giving a talk, please submit a title and short abstract using the form found here: https://forms.gle/RmRzKwcv5tErJSwe9. Note: Trainees must have the approval of their supervisor to share their work with the CSMB community.

For inquiries, please contact Cathy Cozma, trainee representative organizing the CSMB seminar series, at csmb.scbm.trainees@gmail.com.