Call to join the CSMB Trainee Committee

The Canadian Society for Molecular Biosciences (CSMB) is looking for new trainee members (graduate students and postdocs) to join the CSMB Trainee Committee. Nominations are currently being solicited for the following positions, with positions being held for one year including the option of continuation:

(1)    Membership and Diversity Representative – You will represent trainees on the CSMB membership and diversity committee. In collaboration with this committee and other trainee committee members, your role will be to develop initiatives to encourage Canadian trainees to become CSMB members and to provide value for our trainee members. These initiatives could include public webinars or emails that provide resources for our trainees.

(2) Events Coordinator – In collaboration with other trainee members, you will develop initiatives (online webinars, seminars, graphics etc.) providing helpful resources and opportunities to graduate students and postdocs in Canada. Examples of previous events organized by our committee include facilitating the monthly seminar series and resume/CV writing workshops.

(3) Communication Officer – Your primary role will be to maintain the social media platforms of the CSMB trainee committee. This will include the creation of social media posts, frequent updates about upcoming events hosted by the trainee committee and promotion of other international biochemistry and molecular biology societies.

To be considered, candidates must be CSMB members. Sign up to become a member here:

Please submit a CV and an expression of interest outlining which role you would like to apply for and one initiative you would like to organize for CSMB trainees by February 29th. Please address your nomination package to Fabian Rohden and Matthew Berg, Co-chairs of the CSMB Trainee Committee: