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Board of Directors

Mandate & Composition: The management of the Society is vested in a Board of Directors consisting of an Executive Committee and at least 6 Board members, and Trainee Representatives. The […]

Executive Committee

Mandate: The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors consists of the CSMB Officers. The Executive Committee is authorized to act on behalf of the Board of Directors between meetings […]

Advocacy and Government Relations Committee

Mandate:  The focus of the Advocacy and Government Relations Committee is to advance and promote molecular biosciences, with a focus on advocating for robust and sustainable funding for fundamental research […]

Membership and Diversity Committee

The CSMB Membership and Diversity committee promotes the advancement of molecular biosciences across Canada.  We are committed to promoting an open and transparent culture of equity, diversity and inclusivity and […]

Finance and Development Committee

Mandate:  The Finance & Development Committee (FDC) advises the Board on the finances of the Society. The fiscal health of the Society is reviewed by the committee on an ongoing […]

Nominations Committee

Mandate:  In collaboration with the board the Nominations Committee (NC) identifies vacancies. The committee solicits candidacies for membership on the board and proposes a suitable slate of candidates for vote […]

Trainee Committee

Mandate:  Purpose of the CSMB Trainee Subcommittee is to add value to the experience of trainee members of the CSMB by providing services and activities to benefit their careers. Composition:  […]

Conference Committee

Mandate:  The mandate of the Conference Committee (CC) is to ensure the CSMB provides its members with high quality and affordable scientific meetings in areas of Genetics, Biochemistry and Cell […]

Communications and Publications Committee

Mandate: The mandate of the Publications Committee is to support our official journals, Biochemistry Cell Biology and Genome, and the CSMB Bulletin. The Publications Committee will work closely with Canadian […]

Application to CSMB Committees

Please use the following form to apply. Application deadline is July 15 2024. Only members in good standing will be considered.