Science advocacy training for CSMB members

Evidence for democracy logoIn anticipation of Budget 2019, CSBM-SCBM has partnered with Evidence for Democracy. We will be hosting a webinar for all CSMB-SCBM trainees on the nitty gritty of science advocacy.

Science advocacy training for CSMB members
This training will focus on tangible tools CSMB members can use to ensure they are able to advocate for increased science and research funding. The webinar will start with a fast overview of the current policy landscape for science funding. We’ll move on to how to talk to your elected representatives about it, how to get a meeting with a decision-maker, how to frame and approach messages for different audiences, and how to develop a relationship with your representative. Our goal is to provide participants with new tools to feel confident in meeting with their representatives and advocating for science funding.
This webinar will take place on Wednesday September 19th at 2pm EDT. We’d like all of our trainee members to attend, please sign up here.  If you are not yet a CSMB member, use this link to learn more about membership and to register (trainee membership is free).
CSMB-SCBM Trainee Committee