Postdoctoral Position in Molecular Biology – University of Toronto

The Rhee Lab at the University of Toronto Mississauga has one or two postdoctoral positions available for candidates with expertise in molecular biology, cell biology, or related biological areas. The Rhee Lab has pioneered high-resolution genomic mapping methods for understanding regulatory mechanisms using next-generation sequencing and CRISPR-based genome engineering systems in mouse embryonic stem cells. The Rhee Lab is supported by funding from CIHR, NSERC, and the Canada Foundation for Innovation (

Role Summary:

The successful candidates will work on the projects studying molecular mechanisms of epigenetic gene regulation in neural development and diseases. We examine the molecular mechanisms of neuron-specific transcription and epigenetic factors in excitatory and inhibitory neurons using cutting-edge genomic and stem cell technologies. We focus on the characterization of key neuronal transcription factors in the establishment of neuron-specific enhancers and their functions during neural differentiation in the control of activities in distinct types of neurons. These postdoctoral fellows are expected to publish research articles in high-quality peer-reviewed journals and present their findings at international scientific conferences. The postdoctoral fellows will also work collaboratively to reveal novel genomic and epigenetic discoveries to our understanding of gene regulation during mammalian development. The successful candidate will work with collaborators in the Department of Cell & Systems Biology, Centre for Medicinal Chemistry, and SickKids Hospital in Toronto.

Candidate Qualifications:

PhD in Molecular Biology or related biological areas with first-authored scientific publication.

Application Instructions:

Please email Ho Sung Rhee with your CV, the contact information of three referees, and a brief description of your scientific interests and how they overlap with our lab research.


If you have any questions, please contact Ho Sung Rhee (