Postdoctoral Opportunity in Structural Biology of Membrane Proteins (uOttawa / Canada)

My laboratory at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine is recruiting one postdoctoral fellow to carry out structural biology studies of integral membrane proteins. We employ an integrative approach by combining protein engineering and enzymology, crystallography, electron microscopy, live-cell imaging, and in silico bioinformatics and molecular simulation. We look for a self-motivated individual who will demonstrate passion and creativity towards characterizing the structure-function relationship of important pathological/physiological targets and thrive in a collaborative environment.

To apply, please send your CV and a letter of intent to Dr. Jyh-Yeuan (Eric) Lee: Successful candidates will be notified for interviews, at which time reference letters or writing examples will be enquired for assessment. Application will remain open until the position is filled.

Role and responsibilities: 1) develop and determine approaches for structural determination by X-ray crystallography and/or cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM); 2) use biophysical, biochemical, cell biology and bioinformatics methods to characterize the structure-function relationship of membrane proteins; 3) write manuscripts for publications and research proposals for grant applications; 4) supervise and/or mentor graduate and undergraduate research students; 5) take opportunities to collaborate internally or externally; 6) maintain lab instruments and reagents; 7) maintain legible and detailed lab notes.

Requirement: 1) PhD/MD/VMD/PharmD (recent or to-be doctorate graduates are highly encouraged to apply); 2) must have experience (or expertise) in large-scale protein purification (preferably membrane proteins) and macromolecular structural biology, especially in X-ray crystallography and cryo-EM (with mass spectrometry and/or confocal/super-resolution microscopy as a plus); 3) extensive experience in molecular biology and protein expression in yeast and bacteria systems (with insect or mammalian system as a plus); 4) good interpersonal skills; 5) fluency in written and spoken English (with French as a plus).

Timeline and benefits: The position will commence in 2023, and the starting date will be determined upon agreement between the candidate, the PI, and the Human Resources at uOttawa. The initial hiring aims for a length of 2 years, with the contract being renewed annually and a salary of $34,000 or more (plus benefits). Further extension will be subjected to the research performance and the funding availability.

About us:

Dr. Lee’s laboratory ( focuses on the structural and functional characterizations of transporter membrane proteins that regulate cholesterol and phospholipid homeostasis, with a long-term goal to target these proteins for pharmacological and therapeutic development. We are located at the Roger Guindon Hall, the University of Ottawa medical campus, and at the heart of the Ottawa Health Sciences Centre. City of Ottawa is the capital city of Canada and situated at the border of Ontario and Québec, a bilingual city with a broad spectrum of cultural diversity, as well as inclusiveness of various international communities.