Next Generation of Canadian Science – #NextGenCanScience #SupportTheReport

Next Generation of Canadian Science –  #NextGenCanScience  #SupportTheReport

The state of funding for basic research in Canada is failing. As the future of research in this country, we need to take action. Not just for our interests, but for those who will follow in our path, and for all those who will benefit from our discoveries.

Recent findings from the Canadian Fundamental Science Review and Global Young Academy

How you and other trainees can get involved?

Put a face on Canadian Science Twitter Campaign

Print out a poster and add your name. Take a picture of yourself doing research holding the sign and tweet your selfie to @JustinTrudeau @Bill_Morneau.

Tweets can include ~100 characters describing your

– recent research findings

– area of study

– whether you have a fellowship from CIHR, NSERC or SSHRC

Please make sure to include:  I am #NextGenCanScience  #SupportTheReport @JustinTrudeau @Bill_Morneau