Encourage business leaders to support the Naylor Report

CSMB launches effort to encourage business leaders across Canada to voice their support to the federal government for increased funding of fundamental research through the tri-councils as recommended in the Naylor Report. The CSMB Board has launched a campaign to encourage business leaders to submit letters of support for the Naylor Report funding recommendations to […]


CSMB establishes new Board committee structure and appoints At-Large members

CSMB establishes new Board committee structure and appoints At-Large members Following a call for applications to apply for At-Large member positions in the committees of the CSMB Board in October, the new committee structure mandated by the Board of Directors was completed. The At-Large members that were selected were Julie Claycomb and Jim Woodgett (Advocacy […]

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Selected articles and op-eds relating to Naylor Report

Des scientifiques pressent Ottawa d’éviter un «exode des cerveaux» LaPresse, 24 septembre, 2017 Ottawa must improve research funding or risk loosing the innovation race Globe&Mail, September 19th, 2017 Don’t let the world pass us by on Science Toronto Star, September 12th, 2017 Reversing Canada’s decade of darkness in science policy iPolitics, September 11th, 2017 Trudeau’s Liberals need to get […]


CSMB President Phil Hieter travels to Ottawa in support of the Fundamental Science Review

CSMB President, Phil Hieter, traveled to Ottawa in support of the Fundamental Science Review as part of a delegation led by the UBC Office of Government Relations and UBC President Professor Santa Ono. Dr. Liisa Galea, a Professor in the Department of Psychology and researcher at the Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health, also joined […]


Baetz: Standing up for female scientists and researchers

Read an op-ed in The Ottawa Citizen by CSMB Past President Kristin Baetz: At science meetings, women need to grab the mic – and not let go. As the director of the Ottawa Institute of Systems Biology at uOttawa and as past-president of the Canadian Society for Molecular Biosciences, I get a lot of emails […]


MP Joyce Murray visits CSMB President Phil Hieter at UBC

Phil Hieter met with MP Joyce Murray in her office in June 2017 to discuss the Fundamental Science Review, and invited her to visit his lab at UBC at a later date. On August 15, Joyce Murray met with Phil, and graduate students Leanne Amitzi (Hieter lab) and Linda Horianopoulos (Kronstad lab), to learn more […]


Submissions to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance 2017 pre-budget consultation for 2018

Canadian Society for Molecular Biosciences PDF Universities Canada PDF U15 Group of Canadian Research Universities PDF  Research Canada PDF University of British Columbia PDF


CSMB submits pre-budget consultation to the House of Commons

Read CSMB submission here: 2017-08-04_CSMB2018_pre-budget submission to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance


CSMB Support the report

With the release of Canada’s Fundamental Science Review (also known as the Naylor Report) and this week’s Report from the Global Young Academy on Restoring Canada’s Competitiveness in Fundamental Research: The View from the Bench there is clear evidence of what most of us already know: there has been a dramatic erosion of support for fundamental research in Canada. […]


Next Generation of Canadian Science – #NextGenCanScience #SupportTheReport

Next Generation of Canadian Science –  #NextGenCanScience  #SupportTheReport The state of funding for basic research in Canada is failing. As the future of research in this country, we need to take action. Not just for our interests, but for those who will follow in our path, and for all those who will benefit from our discoveries. […]