Webinar announcement: Presenting Your Data at Scientific Meetings

The CSMB-SCMB trainee committee is excited to organize a webinar to help trainee members navigate presenting their data at scientific meetings. Seminar will be conducted in English. Date: Wednesday March 20th 2019

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Gender equity in science: Canadian researchers provide evidence and best practices in a special issue of The Lancet

In a special issue of The Lancet, titled “Advancing women in science, medicine and global health” CSMB Vice-President Dr. Imogen Coe published a review article that discusses a series of concrete measures and organisational best practices to promote gender equity and equality in science and medicine.


Call for applications for appointments to the CSMB Trainee Committee

This is an open call for applications for appointments to the CSMB Trainee Committee. This committee reports to the CSMB Board. If you are a student or postdoc member of CSMB, we encourage you to apply. This is a great opportunity to get involved with a national organization.

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Participate in the government of Canada consultations in advance of Budget 2019

The House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance (FINA) has released its report of pre-budget consultations held this Fall. The full report, titled Cultivating Competitiveness: helping Canadians succeed, is available here: http://www.ourcommons.ca/DocumentViewer/en/42-1/FINA/report-27/ We invite you to read this document, as it is instructional on how to position science, research funding, universities and research institutes in […]

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#NextGenCanScience twitter campaign re-launch for Banting’s birthday – November 14

In Budget 2018 released earlier this year, the Canadian research community saw – and celebrated – a substantial increase to federal funding supporting basic science research. However, this increase was not extended to the number of studentships and fellowships supporting trainees. In response, the Canadian Society for Molecular Biosciences is re-launching our Twitter campaign #NextGenCanScience […]

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Tarik Moroy named fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences

Congratulations to CSMB President Tarik Moroy, who was elected fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences for his exceptional contributions to health research in Canada. His studies revealed novel genes and proteins implicated in the regulation of blood cell production opening new avenues in molecular hematology and contributing insight into blood diseases such as leukemia and lymphoma for […]

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Science advocacy training for CSMB members

In anticipation of Budget 2019, CSBM-SCBM has partnered with Evidence for Democracy. We will be hosting a webinar for all CSMB-SCBM trainees on the nitty gritty of science advocacy.

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CSMB submission to FINA committee consultations in advance of budget 2019

Read our submission to the House of Commons Permanent Committee on Finances (FINA) consultations in advance of budget 2019 2018-08-04_Submission of the CSMB for Pre-Budget Consultations


Dr. Michael J. Strong appointed as new President of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research

The members of the CSMB Board of Directors wish to extend their congratulations to Dr. Michael J. Strong for his appointment as the new President of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). Dr. Strong’s leadership comes at a critical time, in which the Government of Canada has made a substantial re – investment in […]


Results of the trainee questionnaire

View the results of the trainee committee questionnaire here (click to view/download a PDF version)

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