MP Joyce Murray visits CSMB President Phil Hieter at UBC

Phil Hieter met with MP Joyce Murray in her office in June 2017 to discuss the Fundamental Science Review, and invited her to visit his lab at UBC at a later date.

On August 15, Joyce Murray met with Phil, and graduate students Leanne Amitzi (Hieter lab) and Linda Horianopoulos (Kronstad lab), to learn more about research conducted at UBC.

Joyce Murray also met with Dr. Carl Hansen. Over the summer of 2017, a total of 17 MPs and 12 Cabinet Ministers visited the UBC campus to meet with various faculty members and university leaders to discuss the need for increased federal funding for fundamental research through the tri-councils.

Similar meetings took place at universities across Canada, with CSMB Board members leading efforts to recruit MPs and researchers, and coordinate programming, at their home institutions.