2014 Annual Conference

Membrane Proteins in Health and Disease

57th Annual Conference

Wednesday, Evening April 9, 2014 to Sunday, Noon April 13, 2014
Banff Centre
Banff, Alberta

 CSMB 2014 Conference Poster

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The 57th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Society for Molecular Biosciences (CSMB, https://csmb-scbm.ca) will be held Wednesday, April 9, 2014 to Sunday, April 13, 2014 at the Banff Centre located in the beautiful mountain setting of Banff, Alberta, Canada. http://www.banffcentre.ca/about/

The organizing committee along with CSMB has worked hard to put together a fantastic meeting and we hope members of your department will be able to participate.

Please help us spread the word about the conference and circulate to your colleagues and within your institution the CSMB2014 Banff Conference Poster.


Membrane Proteins in Health and Disease

The theme of the meeting is “Membrane Proteins in Health and Disease” and will feature sessions on Membrane Structural Biology, Membrane Protein Biogenesis and Folding, Molecular events in the Immune response, Calcium Transport, pH Regulation and Membrane Proteins & Therapies.

Satellite meetings will also be held on April 9, 2014 with the topics of “pH Regulation at the Membrane Surface” and “Overcoming Barriers to Membrane Protein Structure” (http://www2.biochem.ualberta.ca/Trends2014/). There will also be CSMB awards, lectures and poster sessions featuring presentations by graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Travel awards are available for trainees and prizes will be given for the best posters. This meeting typically attracts an informed group of ~200 participants interested in membrane protein structure, function and biosynthesis. It is a very popular meeting, which is limited to 250 participants, so register early!

Session Topics & Confirmed Speakers


Keynote Speaker: So Iwata (Imperial College London)
Honorary Lecture:  Reinhart Reithmeier (University of Toronto)

Novel Insights from Membrane Structural Biology: Natalie Strynadka (University of British Columbia), Natalie Goto (University of Ottawa), Susan Buchanan (National Institutes of Health), Martin Caffrey (Trinity College Dublin).

Membrane Proteins Biogenesis and Folding: Tom Rapoport (Howard Hughes Medical Institute & Harvard), William Balch (Scripps Research Institute), Richard Zimmermann (Saarland University), Johannes Herrmann (Technische Universität Kaiserslautern).

Molecular Events in the Immune Response: Sergio Grinstein (SickKids, Toronto), Nicolas Touret (University of Alberta), Robert Tampe (Frankfurt University), Bebhinn Treanor (University of Toronto).

The Many Faces of Calcium Transport: Veit Flockerzi (Saarland University), Jutta Engel (Technische Universität Kaiserslautern), Howard Young (University of Alberta), Todd Alexander (University of Alberta).

There’s Nothing Basic About pH Regulation: Andrew Halestrap (University Bristol), Christian Stock (Muenster University), Stine Pedersen (University of Copenhagen).

Membrane Proteins in Need of Therapy: John Hanrahan (McGill University), Paul Linsdell (Dalhousie University), Wayne Chen (University of Calgary), Elizabeth Conibear (University of British Columbia).

Cool Approaches in Membrane Biology: Philip van Petegem (University British Columbia), Nevin Lambert (Georgia Regents University), John Rubinstein (University Toronto).

Organizing Committee

Howard Young, Co-Chair                                     hyoung@ualberta.ca

Joe Casey, Co-Chair                                               joe.casey@ualberta.ca
(Heads of Organizing Committee)

Larry Fliegel                                                               lfliegel@ualberta.ca
Todd Alexander                                                       todd2@ualberta.ca
Elaine Leslie                                                              eleslie@ualberta.ca
Xing-Zhen Chen                                                       xzchen@ualberta.ca
Reinhart Reithmeier                                              r.reithmeier@utoronto.ca
Chris Cheeseman                                                    chris.cheeseman@hrs.ualberta.ca
Joanne Lemieux                                                       mlemieux@ualberta.ca
Nicolas Touret                                                           touret@ualberta.ca
Emmanuelle Cordat                                                cordat@ualberta.ca
Jim Young                                                                    james.young@ualberta.ca
Joel Weiner                                                                joel.weiner@ualberta.ca


Sponsorship & Exhibit Information

Companies interested in sponsoring the meeting, or in purchasing a booth should contact Dr. Todd Alexander todd2@ulaberta.ca


Information on Satellite Meetings

There will be two satellite meetings of this conference, both to be held at the Banff Centre 0900-1700 April 9 2014. If interested, when registering for the Conference please indicate this on your registration. Booking for the extra night accommodation will be done through the Banff Centre.

Overcoming barriers to membrane protein structure determination
Topics will include membrane protein expression, membrane protein crystallization including methods such as cubic phase and bicelle crystallization, two-dimensional crystallization and NMR study of membrane proteins. This satellite will be a workshop format allowing for ample time for discussion and questions. Please see http://www2.biochem.ualberta.ca/Trends2014/ for further information. Organizer Joanne Lemieuzx (University of Alberta), mlemieux@ualberta.ca.

pH Regulation at the Membrane Surface
This meeting will bring together researchers across a diverse set of membrane proteins involved in control of cell pH status. The meeting will feature a mix of short research talks and posters, designed to increase thinking across boundaries about issues of pH regulation. Program will be organized around the speakers who register. Organizers: Todd Alexander (todd2@ualberta.ca), Joe Casey (Joe.casey@ualberta.ca), and Larry Fliegel (fliegel@ualberta.ca)