Invitation to renew your CSMB membership today!

Dear Colleague, Graduate students and Fellows,
The Canadian Society for Molecular Biosciences invites you to join our organization for 2020-2021. Our organization is committed to advocating for scientific research in Canada. We invite you to join or if you are already a member, to renew your membership now for the year 2020 –2021. Now more than ever, society appreciates the value of basic research. Your participation and your voice is of crucial importance for ensuring the success of our initiatives that will have lasting impact on the Canadian research venture.
If you are a retiring scientist, we invite you to become an emeritus member. As an emeritus member, your engagement with our CSMB community is valued. Your one-time reduced membership rate will contribute to supporting our trainees and future scientists.


CSMB advocates for increased and stable funding for scientific research in Canada . CSMB is also very actively engaged in the promotion of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in science , and in supporting the Next generation of Canadian scientists . Our thematic annual meeting is an opportunity for leading Canadian researchers to meet and exchange on timely and exciting scientific topics. We invite all of you to attend the next meeting in the future. Watch our website for upcoming virtual meetings.
CSMB Website: Please visit this webpage to learn all about the meeting and our activities, and the benefits of CSMB membership:
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Becoming a member today or renewing your membership is the best way to support our efforts to advocate for research support on your behalf. Please consider inviting your colleagues to join the CSMB today – the more diverse our membership, the stronger our voice will be to promote science in Canada. #Science4Canada
Paola Marignani
Chair of the CSMB Membership & Diversity committee