Graduate Student Symposium -April 2016

Graduate Student Symposium 2016
University of Guelph
April 25, 2016


On behalf of our organizing committee and all those who attended, I wanted to send a big thank you to you and the CSMB for your generous contribution to the Graduate Student Symposium that took place on April 25th at the University of Guelph. Over 200 people attended including graduate students and faculty from the departments of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Integrative Biology and Human Health and Nutritional Sciences.

The overall theme of the Graduate Student Symposium is sharing science! Every year the event includes oral and poster presentations by graduate students regarding their current research. Many of the students have never had an opportunity to present their research and this event gives them the chance to do so. This year, there were around 50 presenters in both the oral and poster presentations, which means 100 students had the opportunity to share their research.

The event also includes a presentation from a keynote speaker about their research and they often share much more great insight into the life of a senior scientist. This year we were delighted to hear from Dr. Jessica Grahn, who is a cognitive neuroscientist from Western University, about the research she conducts regarding music rhythm and the motor areas of the brain.

Our organizing committee consisted of 12 enthusiastic individuals (students and faculty) from the 3 departments including Shawn Beaudette, Alison Berezuk, Francesca Herlihey, Liz Johnston, Sahar Mehrpooyan, Dita Moravek, Lily Nasanovsky, Trevor Partch, Katie Suitor, Glen Van Der Kraak, Karen White and Derek Zwambag.