Comité des prix

(en cours de traduction)

Mandate:  In collaboration with the Board, the Award Committee will solicit nominations for and select winners for the Research Award being offered at the CSMB Annual Meeting.   The committee will take into consideration in addition to excellence issues of equity, diversity and inclusivity into account for its candidates. In addition, the Committee will solicit and evaluate applications for CSMB support for student events  held during the year.

Composition:  Secretary (chair), President, one Councillor and two additional members from outside the board.


  • Yearly review the slate of awards being offered by CSMB.
  • Identify and solicit potential sponsors for CSMB Awards
  • Seek nominations for awards through member emails, social media and direct engagement with department chairs.
  • Select Award winners
  • Communications to announce award winners (email, web, press release)

Members of the committee 2018-2019

  • James Davie *
  • Tarik Moroy
  • Walid Houry

At large:

  • Esther Verheyen (‘19)
  • Antonescu (‘20)