Comité de l’adhésion et de la diversité

(en cours de traduction)

Mandate:  The objectives of the Membership and Diversity Committee (MDC)  are to (1) help recruit new members through the development and implementation of membership drives (2) help engage the participation of existing members, and (3) help ensure that the diversity of the Board members and speakers at CSMB meetings reflects the diversity of general membership.

Composition:  3 Councillors and 2 CSMB members at large.


  • Development and implementation of recruitment drives through social media, conferences and direct mailing to member institutions.
  • The MDC committee will promote the activities of the CSMB to the public and general membership.
  • The MDC committee will coordinate with the website maintainer to ensure members and potential members have timely and relevant information available.
  • MDC will monitor and ensure CSMB utilizes best Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity practices.

Membres du comité 2018-2019

  • Paola Marignani *
  • Michelle Scott
  • Hans-Joachim Wieden

At large:

  • Peter Stirling (‘19)
  • Thomson (‘20)