Dr. Michael J. Strong appointed as new President of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research

The members of the CSMB Board of Directors wish to extend their congratulations to Dr. Michael J. Strong for his appointment as the new President of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).
Dr. Strong’s leadership comes at a critical time, in which the Government of Canada has made a substantial re – investment in fundamental research through the tri – council funding agencies. Budget 2018 was a critical first step, and we know there is much more t hat we need to do to fully realize the tremendous potential of investigator driven, discovery based research in Canada.
We look forward to working together with Dr. Strong, and with government officials and all partners and stakeholders, to strengthen Ca nada’s research environment, and its commitment to fundamental research, in the years ahead. We believe that continued cooperation, transparency, and trust between the scientific community and government will restore Canada to its rightful place among the global leaders in research and development.
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