CSMB updates – September 2021

Dear CSMB members,

Imogen R CoeWith the federal election campaign in full swing we would like to remind you of opportunities to engage with candidates to promote commitments to science support. Despite its importance for COVID recovery, science has so far not been an electoral priority in the beginning of this campaign. We invite you to discuss your work as a scientist, and the importance of federal support with your local candidate, to show your local candidate that this is important to their constituents.

Please visit the CSMB election readiness toolkit google drive here to see how you can get involved today:


This toolkit includes a letter you can customize and send to your local candidates, questions you can ask and a one-pager you can give candidates if they come knocking at your door and suggestions on how to get involved on social media.

In the google drive, you will also find the electoral platforms published by the parties, and a document highlighting the science commitments made by the Liberal, Conservative and New Democratic parties. These commitments are copied in this document. The Green party has not yet released their electoral platform – their commitments will be added to the document once released.

While CSMB can provide information and share election resources (below), as an association we cannot get involved in the election campaign in a way that would make us appear as if we were promoting any party or candidate. As individuals, CSMB members are not restricted in this way, and we therefore encourage you to talk science with election candidates!

Imogen R Coe

President of the Canadian Society for Molecular Biosciences.

Election resources

The CSMB Federal election readiness google drive: shorturl.at/aoFRV

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