CSMB Open Letter to Members of Parliament

CSMB Open Letter to Members of Parliament (PDF)

Dear Members of Parliament,

On behalf of the Canadian Society for Molecular Biosciences (CSMB) Board, I wish to extend you sincere congratulations on your recent election as a Federal Member of Parliament. Whether this is your first term, or you are a returning Member, CSMB values your contributions to our Canadian political, social and economic fabric.

With this new beginning comes an exciting opportunity to build on the past and invest in our country’s future. It’s an opportunity not only to invest in the infrastructure to support innovation, but also in the Canadians whose ideas and dedication will grow the economic and knowledge wealth in Canada.

We applaud the government for recognizing that innovation is key to our country’s growth and economic stability. Strengthening the recognition of, and support for, fundamental research to support new discoveries will prove vital to fuelling a science, technology and innovation (STI) inspired economy.

As we represent thousands of Canada’s biosciences faculty members and students who are the next generation of creators and innovators, we strongly recognize the value that discovery research and infrastructure bring to innovation and economic growth.

Discovery-based research provides the essential foundation for all future researchand innovation. It is the curiosity-driven research that asks the probing question‚Äėwhy‚Äô, often leading to unprecedented advancements in medical science and biotechnology, such as new cancer treatments or more effective biofuel production technologies.¬†Without discovery research, true innovation is impossible.

As a result, a sustainable investment in discovery research, and the infrastructure to support it, will be a driving factor in our country’s growth and economic future. It is also an investment in the training and development of our students, the next generation of researchers who will lead the charge in creating businesses and jobs to achieve a robust STI-inspired economy.

We look forward to working with the new government to achieve sustainable investment for discovery research and infrastructure, so that Canada can compete on the global stage of innovation and continue to stimulate our country’s economy.

Kristin Baetz
Canadian Society for Molecular Biosciences
Société canadienne pour les Biosciences moléculaires