CSMB Election results

The Canadian Society for Molecular Biosciences wants to congratulate our newly elected Directors:

  • New Vice-President-Elect:Ā Hans-Joachim (HJ) Wieden, PhD, University of Lethbridge
  • New member of the Board of Directors: Mohan Babu, PhD, University of Regina
  • New member of the Board of Directors:Ā Mojgan Rastegar, PhD, University of Manitoba

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Congratulations to CSMB VP Dr. Imogen Coe on receiving a Science Ambassador Award from Partners In Research Canada

Imogen CoeCongratulations to our Vice-President, Dr. Imogen Coe, on receiving a Science Ambassador Award from Partners in Research Canada (PIR http://www.pirweb.org/en/). PIR is a registered Canadian charity founded in 1988 to help Canadians understand the significance, accomplishments and promise of biomedical research in advancing health and medicine. Since its genesis, PIR has broadened its scope to encompass all areas of academic and applied research as fields of discovery and study for Canadian students.

Science Ambassador Award ā€“ Dr. Imogen Coe ā€“ Ryerson University

With more than two decades as a research scientist and professor, Dr. Imogen R. Coe has been aĀ dedicated science ambassador, narrowing the gap between academic science and the publicā€™s scientific literacy, and expanding equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). An exceptional science communicator, Dr. Coe is a popular speaker in Canada and internationally, with more than 120 invited presentations, 80 of which were at public outreach events. She aims to cultivate a passion for science in Canadians from all walks of life, including children, students, adults, the general public and professional groups.

CSMB Secretary James Davie participates in an IUBMB meeting in Kuala Lumpur

IUBMB executive committee

James Davie attended a meeting of the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biochemistry (IUBMB), which took place August 19-22 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.Ā  He brought his knowledge of CSMB to meetings of the IUBMB executive committee in his capacity as IUBMB General Secretary.

One of my IUBMB activities will be to link Trainee Committees that are active in the societies affiliated with IUBMB. So this is an international effort. The goal is to help establish a trainee committee to those societies that do not have one, and second see if we can form a IUBMB international trainee committee.

-James Davie

The CSMB executive and trainee committees look forward to working with the CSMB to promote the careers of trainees around the world.

Tarik Moroy named fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences

Tarik Moroy
Tarik Moroy

Congratulations to CSMB President Tarik Moroy, who was elected fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences for his exceptional contributions to health research in Canada.

His studies revealedĀ novel genes and proteins implicated in the regulation ofĀ blood cell production opening new avenues in molecularĀ hematology and contributing insight into blood diseasesĀ such as leukemia and lymphoma for which improvedĀ therapies are urgently needed.

Learn more on the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences website. + + +

CSMB Awards 2018: Mona Nemer, Jim Woodgett, Richard Rachubinski, and Katey Rayner

The CSMB is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2018 CSMB Scholarly Awards

The CSMB New Investigator AwardĀ has been bestowed onĀ Dr. Katey Rayner, Assistant Professor, University of Ottawa Heart Institute and Department of Biochemistry, to recognize outstanding research in one or more of the fields of biochemistry, molecular or cellular biology in not more than the first ten years as an independent investigator. + + +

CSMB: Ensuring a Strong Future for Science and Scientists

Phil Hieter
Phil Hieter

Read an article in Research Futures about the CSMB, featuring an interview with President Phil Hieter:

As scientists make fast and concerted advancements in life-saving technologies, the squeeze on funding could threaten their momentum.
Thatā€™s where Dr Philip Hieter, President of the Canadian Society for Molecular Biosciences (CSMB), comes in. To get the ā€˜biggest bang for their buckā€™, the CSMB is leveraging its collective knowledge and talents by focusing on the most pressing issues facing fundamental research, like funding. Through advocacy and education, they aim to influence not only present and future scientists, but decision makers in the Canadian government and the world.


CSMB establishes new Board committee structure and appoints At-Large members

CSMB establishes new Board committee structure and appoints At-Large members

Following a call for applications to apply for At-Large member positions in the committees of the CSMB Board in October, the new committee structure mandated by the Board of Directors was completed.

The At-Large members that were selected were Julie Claycomb and Jim Woodgett (Advocacy and Communication), Peter Stirling (Membership and Diversity), Imogen Coe ( Finance and Development ), Esther Verheyen ( Awards ), Sarah Hughes ( Conferences ), Bill Stanford ( Nominations ), Senthill Kumar, Erin Kennedy and MacKenzie Lawrence (Trainee ). The At-Large members will have two year terms, and another round will be added in the fall of 2018 such that one At-large committee member will be cycled on, and one off, on an annual basis in subsequent years.