Canadian researchers rise to the challenge of COVID-19 response

Image by <a href="">FrankundFrei</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>Following the launch by the federal government of Canadian 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Rapid Research Funding, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research issued the following message (

We would like to thank the 1,195 applicants who submitted their research ideas within a nine-day window; the diversity of research ideas and quality of the science was impressive. We would also like to thank the 150 individuals who considered our request and volunteered to put their lives and work on hold in order to serve as peer reviewers. This group of individuals reviewed 227 applications, completing 681 high quality reviews, within five days. The response we received from our call for reviewers was truly remarkable, and we are deeply appreciative of all who volunteered to serve in this capacity. (full message here: Coronavirus:Canada’s rapid research response)

An overview of the funded project can be found on the CIHR website.

Details of the funded projects can be found here:

Government of Canada funds 49 additional COVID-19 research projects – Details of the funded projects

Mona Nemer, Canada’s Chief Science Advisor has launched several key initiatives:

Canadian researchers and students are also contributing to important canadian COVID-19 initiatives

Labs around the country are also donating Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for health care workers involved in the fight against COVID-19, in addition to responding to calls to share reagents with testing labs across Canada.

Effective science communication is essential in times of crisis. The government of Canada provides up-to-date and reliable information on the COVID-19 situation in Canada:

We are all in this together.

The CSMB wants to thank you for doing your part (even if it is just by staying home).