Imogen Coe and the CSMB applaud the announcement of the Dimensions: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Canada charter

The CSMB applauds the announcement of the Dimensions: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Canada charter, which is an important step Canada is making towards fully realising its full research potential across all disciplines, by leveraging all its available talent. Its implementation by post-secondary institutions across the country will encourage the emergence of new ideas, perspectives and stories that will lead to new solutions and strengthen Canada’s research enterprise, including, but not limited to, science. The CSMB and its members look forward to continuing its collaboration and contribution to initiatives such as this one, which are in Canada’s best interest.

Dr. Imogen Coe, who is currently Vice-President of the CSMB, has been one of the strongest advocates for the charter and has been actively involved in supporting the development of the Dimensions Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Canada charter. She was present at the launch of the initiative, at the invitation of the Minister of Science and Sport, the honourable Kirsty Duncan. On the occasion of the launch, Dr. Coe wrote the following remarks to the CSMB Board of Directors. + + +

Webinar: The Antibody Crisis: Leveraging machine learning for evidence-based antibody search

BenchSciThe CSMB-SCBM trainee committee is partnering with BenchSci for a special webinar.
The “reproducibility crisis” has generated much attention in the research community over the past years. While the issue is multifaceted at its core, rogue antibodies have been identified as one of the major culprits.

To ensure scientists can find antibodies that have been proven to work repeatedly by peers, we developed an open-access resource that uses a machine learning algorithm to screen the literature and identify which and how antibodies have been cited. The resulting peer-reviewed data are searchable by protein targets or product identifier and are filterable by experimental contexts as cited in papers, including technique, tissue, cell line, to help users pinpoint antibodies that have been published under experimental conditions matching their study interest.

Wednesday May 15th 2pm EDT

A recording of this webinar is available here:

Freely accessible resource for academic scientists at