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The CSMB is advocating for increased support for fundamental research in Canada pursuing three complementary strategies.

First, we ask recent recipients of funding from major federal granting agencies to contact their local MPs as well as the ministers overseeing funding agencies to write brief letters outlining the discoveries this funding will facilitate and how this will benefit all Canadians. We have been having an impressive response, and we encourage all members to continue. Importantly, we have initiated a dialogue with the Honourable James Moore, Industry Minister regarding research funding in Canada.

We have also responded to Industry Canada’s recent request of consultation for feedback on Canadian Science, Technology and Innovation policy. Our response to Minister Moore highlights what we feel is positive about the current direction of the government, but we also strongly advocate for funding enabling increased success rates at the NSERC and CIHR open operating grant competitions. This letter supports a similar response from Research Canada – supported in part by your CSMB membership dues. 

Finally, the CSMB has issued a formal response to the recent federal budget again reminding the government that while increased overall funding for research is appreciated, a major problem continues to be the declining funding rates at the major agencies that fund basic molecular bioscience research in Canada (NSERC and CIHR).

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